McKay School Counseling Google Classroom

The counseling department has created a virtual Student Center on Google classroom, where you can access resources to help support you, your learning, and your social-emotional needs. We encourage you to log into the classroom and explore the resources available to you and your family. Counselors will be posting weekly tips on self-care, relaxation, & stress management to help you navigate through these difficult & uncertain times. We are here for you.

How to access the McKay School Counseling classroom:

In Google Classroom add a new course with this code: mvirexp

Topics you can find information about in the McKay School Counseling Google classroom includes: 

Coping skills for difficult times
COVID Community Resources-food, shelter, crisis support
Grief, Loss & Depression
Stress management activities
Mindfulness resources & activities
Senior Information
Forecasting Information
Technology support
Oregon CIS