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Attendance Reporting

To report/excuse a student absence call 


Arrive on Time

Every minute of students’ academic time is important for their learning. Please ensure that they arrive to school no later than 8:05 a.m., so that they can eat breakfast and arrive to their first period class on time.

Leaving During the School Day

If students need to leave during the school day for an appointment, please send a note with them to school in the morning, so that they can give it to their teacher. The teacher will then release them to the attendance office to get a checkout slip. We will not be able to page or send notes to students during the last 30 minutes of the school day.

Delivery of Items & Food to Students

In order to maintain a focused learning environment, only school related items will be accepted for delivery. Personal items such as flowers, balloons, gifts, etc., will not be delivered to students. Students WILL NOT be paged between class periods to pick up items; nor will class be interrupted for delivery of personal items.

Students will not be allowed to carry balloons and/or flower arrangements (unless part of a class assignment) to class during the school day. Please do not bring these items to school.

Outside food deliveries to students are not allowed except when delivered by parents/guardians and students know to come to the attendance office during their lunch to pick it up. We appreciate your understanding.