Student Walkout
In the wake of the recent tragedy in Florida, we have been made aware of a potential walkout on March 14th for 17 minutes.  While this is not a school or district sponsored event and students are not being encouraged to participate, we are proud of our students for driving the conversation around school safety.  We are doing everything in our power to create safe spaces for our students to exercise their rights to participate or not participate. School safety is our main priority, and we have a number of processes in place to keep our children safe.  Students who participate or do not participate will not be penalized, but students who do leave campus or do not return to class will receive unexcused absences.  Students who need to be removed from the walkout for not following directions or being unruly will receive consequences in accordance to our student code of conduct.  We know the biggest key to keeping our schools safe is communication, and by using walkouts as teachable moments, we improve our lines of communication with our children.