Through the Career and Technical Education Nursing Assistant Program at McKay High School, a group of 16 students has the highest class average scores in the history of the McKay program on a recent Certified Nursing Assistant Assessment.  This means that these 16 students have moved on to clinicals with the opportunity to test with Oregon State Board of Nursing in mid June.  

The benefits of this program have given students hands-on opportunities to learn from professionals on site as well as at school.  The two teachers at McKay, Amanda Rivera and Carol Martinez, have prepared them well for these upcoming exams.  

Representing in the community

Each week these students wear their scrubs as they represent their program at McKay. These scrubs signify their organization, perseverance, and focus in a rigorous program that will support their future plans – potentially becoming CNAs.

This program creates strong partnerships between our school and the community allowing for job-ready status upon graduation from high school. Staff are continually impressed by the time management and organizational skills required by these students. They are responsible for managing clinical schedules along with their regular class schedules at McKay.

We are extremely proud of our students and their commitment to their education and their community each and every day!