Are you planning on graduating at semester in January 2021?

If so, this google form must be filled out as soon as possible.

To qualify you must…

  1. Be enrolled in the appropriate classes you need to fulfill your needed 24 credits and pass those classes by end of Quarter 2.
  2. This form must be filled out.


  1. Be aware that if you finish at the end of quarter 2, and you plan to use the Oregon Promise Grant if your GPA is 2.5 and above, you have to start Chemeketa Spring Term per grant rules. You may want to consider staying enrolled quarters 3 and 4 even for just 1 class.
  2. If you are involved in athletics you must be enrolled in 3 of the 4 classes per OSAA rules.
  3. All Graduating Seniors walk together June 9th regardless of if you finish in January or continue through June.

Your counselor will follow up with you and your parent/guardian to assure a plan is in place for early graduation once the form is filled out.