The Scot Shop at McKay High School announced the 2nd annual Scot Shop Grants during the school assembly today. The student-run store is excited to present grants, using part of the store proceeds, to support the McKay community and help foster growth in many different areas of our students lives.

The grant recipients this year are:

Japanese Club

Japanese Club – $100.00 for special supplies to help develop Japanese writing skill that will lead to an international pen pal experience for club members.



MECHA Club $400.00 – Will help fund a 5 de Mayo dance  event for the school and community members.


Speech & Debate

Speech & Debate Club – will purchase a resource package from the National Speech & Debate Association to build capacity within the McKay club.


Health Services

Health Services $500.00 – The Health Services class will build emergency kits for each classroom at McKay. These could be used in the event of an emergency situation in our building.


Creative Writing

Creative Writing Club $100.00 – The club will create a literacy zine composed of writing and art created by club members and others in the school.


Islander's Club

Islander Club $250.00 – The club hosts Islander Club Family nights each year and the funds will be used to defray costs for feed that these events.


Black Student Union

Black Student Union $500.00 – The funds will support development of a club curriculum, provide startup funds for t-shirts that can be sold to support the club, and to purchase BSU stoles for graduation seniors.


Outdoor Club

Outdoor Club $600.00 – The funds will cover transportation costs to take students up to the mountain to experience snow activities such as snowshoeing along with exposure to other amazing Oregon beauty along the way.

The Advanced Marketing class sent out the grant applications to all club advisers and then reviewed the applications we received. They had a scoring process for the applications and voted as a class which ones to fund and at what amount.  They evaluated each application for its merit and its school/community impact.

“It is amazing to watch future leaders of our community blossom as they have these hands-on experiences with business and community connections.  A textbook could never teach the lessons they learn through this process!” – McKay Business Teacher