Counselors at McKay

Freshmen – A – Le – Joshua Lane
Freshmen – Lo – Z – Sydney Piras

10th Grade – Alpha A – L- Merri Bath-McDonald
10th Grade – Alpha M – Z – Dawn Piersma|

11th Grade – Alpha A – Fu – Jennifer Strong
11th Grade – Alpha G – Me – Virginia Antunez
11th Grade – Aplha Mi – Z – Lonnie Duran

12th Grade – Alpha A – Gan – Jennifer Strong
12th Grade – Alpha Gar – Ma – Virginia Antunez
10th Grade – Alpha Mb – Pa – Dawn Piersma|
12th Grade – Aplha Pe – Z – Lonnie Duran

Parent Outreach Coordinator – Ronnie Brooks

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Mission Statement: The comprehensive school counseling program at McKay High School focuses on the empowerment of all students to maximize their potential in postsecondary education and the world of work.

Philosophy Statement: The counselors at McKay High School believe all students shall have access to a state-certified, master’s degree level school counselor to deliver academic, career, personal and social guidance.

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