Saturday December 14 our FFA chapter had the pleasure of being in the Keizer Light Parade. Our students did an outstanding job putting their float together. Students fabricated the “FFA” letters, mounted them to the wood framework they built, fabricated the frame around the tractor tires for lights, and painted all of the mountains on the siding. They used a number of skills that they learned from a wide variety of their teachers here at McKay.

The students created the float around the theme of “Island of Misfit Toys”, featured, the train with square wheels (tractor), the airplane that can’t fly (Jesus Arreola), the cowboy who rides an ostrich (Elijah Boardman), Yukon Cornelius (Oscar Hernandez), the polka dot elephant (Eli the llama), Hermes the elf (Samuel Schuster), Rudolph the Rednose Goat, (Alex the Goat), Charlie in a box (Amber Ball), Flash the Llama sporting Silver and Gold, and a worker elf (Khyra Turrey). Also featured were our members sporting their official dress, Olive Kainoa, Harmony White, William Tuttle, Shanela Ibarra, Lilli Benson, Mena Drakeley, Ryan Billington, Rebekah Major, and Kaydance Sabin.