Student Center Office Hours:

7:30am – 4:00pm


Transcripts can now be requested online!

Allow a minimum of two (2) school days for processing.

If you requested to pick the transcript up in person, it is will be available in the Student Center, notification will be sent to students via email when transcripts are ready to pick up. If students requested the transcript be mailed, they will receive notification that it has been mailed via email as well. Please contact the Student Center at 503-399-5566 if you have any questions.

New Student Enrollment

Please call the Student Center to schedule an appointment to register a new student and/or come by to pick up a new student enrollment packet or print!  Parent/guardian is required to be with the student at the time of the appointment. 

Please also bring the following:

  1. Proof of address is required for ALL enrolling students: current utility bill – PGE Bill, Water/Sewer/Garbage or a rental contract.
  2. Copy of IEP and Eligibility (if applicable)
  3. Transcript or withdrawal grades from prior school
  4. Birth Certificate
  5. Immunizations

Change of Address

Have you moved or changed a phone number? Please come in to the Student Center and update your address. Proof of address is required for all address changes unless student is on an In-District Transfer.

 CEEB/School Code

381-026 (Use this code for college and scholarship apps)