District Policies

Click on the following links to review the important District policies that effect your child’s education at McKay High School.

Attendance Requirements (INS-A009)
Compulsory Attendance (INS-A010)
Dress Code (INS-A025) – EnglishSpanish, Russian, Chuukese
Student Fees(INS-A012) – English
Student Records & Information (INS-A011)
Student Use of Electronic Resources (INS-A004)
Student Rights and Responsibilities – English, Spanish, Russian, Chuukese

Annual notification to parents (required by 581-021-0260)

Parents and student 18 years and older have the following rights regarding student records:

  • Inspect and review the education records of the student
  • Request amendment to education records
  • Consent to disclose personally identifiable information contained in student education records, except to the extent that this procedure authorizes disclosure without consent
  • File a complaint with the U.S. Department of Education if the District has failed to comply with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. (FERPA).

These rights are detailed in Salem-Keizer policies and procedures, which can be found on the District website, in each school office or in the Office of the Superintendent.