McKay students demonstrated leadership and poise during the 75th YMCA Youth & Government Legislative Session February 17-20, 2021.

The 75th YMCA Youth & Government Legislative Session, normally held in the State Capitol, went virtual this year. The pandemic impacted the overall number of student participants, yet those who attended showed their commitment to preserving and promoting democracy.

McKay had a delegation of 3 members that made a big impact on the success of the session. Cleome Jones served as the Secretary of the Senate, tracking the progress of all measures as they moved between chambers and the Youth Governor’s office. Anastasia Bogdanich served as the Reading Clerk of the Senate and impressed all with her preparation and care in handling the measures of each of the participants.

The McKay trio of Cleome Jones, Anastasia Bogdanich, and Viviana Diaz successfully presented and lobbied their measure through both chambers and it was the first measure signed by the Youth Governor. A great way to start of the session with McKay ‘showing the way’.

Congrats to these outstanding students for their excellence in representing McKay.

Y&G 20-21