Lesly Rojas is a very quiet and reserved young lady.  Since her arrival at McKay she has proven being quiet does not mean she has nothing to offer.  Whenever she would ask a question or respond to a question you would quickly know that she was a very brilliant individual.  She has been very active in many of McKay’s student organizations.  She graduated within the upper 10% of her class.  Her life dream has been to  attend Oregon State University and major in Engineering and Entrepreneurship.  Her plan is to own an accelerator company that encourages and invests in start-up companies that will assist investors and aspiring entrepreneurs.   Lesly plans to take full advantage of her experience at OSU to possibly partner with her colleagues to begin an entrepreneurship opportunity.

Lesly was one of 25 applicants who applied for the Reser Family Foundation Scholarship.  This $20,000 scholarship along with her other scholarships has made it possible for her to pursue her post-secondary education.

Lesly Rojas Scholarship Check
Rojas with Reser Family
Rojas with parents