McKay students had a lot going on during the summer in regards to FFA activities!

At the Marion County Fair we had 4 students participate in various events, including showing livestock and tractor driving.

Incoming Senior, Oscar Hernandez-Tapia placed 9th overall in the district Tractor Driving contest, where he had to perform various tasks such as balancing a tractor on a balancing beam to demonstrate proper load distribution on a trailer, maneuver a trailer through an obstacle course and back the trailer up, demonstrate proficient knowledge in tractor safety through a written test and also maneuver a pallet with a bucket of water to prove proper control of the tractor.

For our livestock showers, we had 3 participants from McKay this year.

Incoming Freshman Myla Feskens got a crash course in showing Llamas by our own student Lillianne Benson, and competed in the FFA Novice Showmanship, Obstacle and Handlers classes and received Champion Showman!

Emily Tapia Orozco, a junior this year, purchased Cornish Cross chicks in May and raised them as a Market project. She applied her knowledge our online and in-person ag classes this past school year in her Entrepreneurship Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) Project to determine feed ratios, tracking animal rate of gains and proper animal handling techniques. She then showed her market pen of Broilers at fair and sold them in the livestock auction for over $300!

Lillianne Benson showed at County Fair and State Fair this year. She received Grand Champion with Lavender at the Marion County Fair, and also received Grand Champion at the Oregon State Fair in Showmanship. She will compete today in Obstacle at the Oregon State Fair at 12 pm.

Lastly at State Fair, past graduate Mena Drakeley entered in a static exhibit of Dahlias she had grown at home and received 2 blue ribbons and a white ribbon for her flowers.

“I can certainly say, we have some of the BEST students at McKay” says teacher/advisor Gerald Hosler.