The McKay FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) Club made a fantastic showing at the regional competition on Saturday February 10. McNary High School hosted the event the brought FBLA clubs from all around the valley to compete in business skill events.

McKay has 15 club members this year and they competed in both team and individual events. All 6 teams qualified in the top 10 for their events and 13 of 14 placed in the top ten in their individual events. This means all qualified to compete at the State level. The club now prepares for state competition, which occurs in March, with the State Business Leaders Conferences coming the first week of April. Go Scots!

Events and placing:

Team Events

Banking & Financial Systems – Dang and Trinh -2nd
               Team 2 – Josie Carstensen, Iveth Bazan Ayala, CarolinaSegura – 5th
               Team 1 – Axel Arredondo Franco, Chelsey Urquiza, Katty Liu – 6th
               Team 3 – Danilo Gutierrez Cornejo, Bryan Arechiga Villa  – 8th
Team 1 – Ben Ho, Montse Coria – 1st,
Team 2 – Diem Pham, Nathan Nguyen – 6th

Individual Events

Advertising – Josie Carstensen – 3rd, Chelsey Urquiza – 8th, Montse Coria – 9th, and Ben Ho – 10th
Computer Problem Solving – Axel Arredondo Franco – 1st, Jesus Barocio Garibay – 4th
Economics – Henry Trinh – 5th, Jesus Barocio Garibay – 6th, Bryan Arechiga Villa – 7th, Diem Pham – 8th, and Carolina Segura – 9th
Future Business Leader – Nathan Nguyen – 1st
Introduction to Financial Math – Danilo Gutuerrez Cornejo – 1st