Here are your counselors and how you can reach them.

To schedule a virtual appointment with your school counselor please click on this link.—fbodefw/viewform
Ms. Torres
Ms. Torres9th Grade- A-LL
Mr. Gutierrez
Mr. Gutierrez9th Grade- LO-Z
Mr. Roberson
Mr. Roberson10th Grade M-Z 12th Grade MC-RI
Mrs. Strong
Mrs. Strong10th Grade A-L 12th Grade A-G
Mrs. Bettendorf
Mrs. Bettendorf10th Grade A-L
Ms. Lilly
Ms. Lilly11th Grade- A-H
Mrs. Antunez
Mrs. Antunez11th Grade I-PA 12th Grade- H-MA
Mr. Duran
Mr. Duran11th Grade- PE-Z 12th Grade- RO-Z