It is time to celebrate all of the students who have met our school wide target of 92% attendance or higher. Increasing the number of regular attenders (92% or higher attendance) is a school wide goal for McKay. We had an amazing attendance celebration for our students who are attending 92% or more on Thursday, November 7th during CCR…that’s 1,278 students who are doing an amazing job being here at school.

Some of the talking points we shared were:

  • Showing up to school is a skill. It will help you in class because you know what is going on. It will help you get a job and more importantly keep a job!
  • If you graduate high school, you will make about $1 million more dollars in your lifetime than someone who does not…
  • In order to keep a 92% rate, you can’t miss more than 18 days per year, or about 3 days per six week grading period. It doesn’t matter if it is excused or unexcused.
  • Students who miss more than 20 days of school per year, have a 20 percent chance of graduating.
  • However, students who regularly attend school have 172% chance of graduating high school.