Ceramics classes are in a groove! We are pumping out beautiful works, such as sculpted rattles, mugs, boxes and Contemporary Canopic Jars and POP Art! Routines and systems are in place and the studio nearly runs itself! Our word of the week is Critique and we are starting to use our new visual vocabulary as we evaluate our own work. Students write everyday and are really strengthening their visual literacy.

Printmaking is also running smoothly and efficiently. Michelle is dominating the Google classroom feature. Students are logging in and easily finding her videos and instructions, taking notes and self starting thereafter. Much of her curriculum is student led also freeing her up to work others more one on one or simply facilitating activities. Mixed Media is working on a very hands one exploratory project that has kids engaged, all over the room, and experimenting with a variety of media and techniques.

Digital Photo students are working on photo shoots focusing on the elements of design and developing strong compositions. I have had several students pass through the area respectfully and responsibly. Im always curious about what their assignment is and when I ask them they are able to articulate the goals and processes. I am impressed by the scaffolding occurring in level 2, as they are really digging deep in to rigorous technical work, as is the nature of this challenging subject matter. It is also very cool to hear many Douglas’ daily prompts and essential questions that get our students thinking about very relatable and relevant social issues. Breakin’ brains!

Drawing/painting – Mr. McQuilling is a great addition to our Sanctuary Team, in his first year at McKay. He has a strong background in mindfulness, eastern philosophy and communication techniques. As an Art team, we have learned many techniques with instruction and in buildinga positive, safe and tranquil place for creativity to flourish. He too, is scaffolding for students in a way that is leading students to some very successful products.