Our McKay High School Athletic Success Program, which is a new, innovative program that utilizes student-athlete academic and attendance data to guide each sports program and drive our coach’s professional development, has shown some remarkable data during our first 6-weeks this semester.  As you can see on the academic graph, 5 out of the 6 fall sports programs have under a 2.0, which indicates they are averaging less than an F grade per student-athlete.  The “total points” data point helps to put all of our athletics teams on an even playing field regardless of size.  Our next celebration point is found on our attendance graph where we can see that our Royal Scot student-athlete’s attend classes at a rate 10-12% higher than the general student average.  We are beginning to see the fruits of everyone’s labor by having each of our girls sports this fall be named to the OSAA Academic All-State teams.    

These are great numbers for us as we work towards our Athletic Success goal of increasing the McKay High School graduation rate by 10% by 2021.  Our coaches, student-athletes, and building staff have done a tremendous job raising the bar for our athletic programs.  Go SCOTS!