McKay’s Future Business Leaders of America chapter held its second annual Financial Literacy Night in the library on Friday, December 9th 2019. The Financial Literacy Night serves to inform families in the community about basic financial principles. Within minutes of the event the library filled with students eager to learn more about credit cards, loans and how to save like a financially responsible young adult with some pizza of course.

Peter Rector, the community director at MAPS Credit Union started off the night by showcasing common bank accounts, the difference between a savings and checking accounts as well as showcasing the IDA program which offers a 3 to 1 match for those looking to save towards a higher education. 

Later in the night, McKay’s very own Roy Adams took the stage to discuss the dangers of bad loans and how to avoid falling into common financial traps and burden.

As the FBLA chapter gets into their competitive season in January, they hope to host another Financial Literacy Night in the near future and thanks those who helped make this one a success.