Salem-Keizer School District student survey link:

Click here to complete the EOS Student Survey

The student survey captures the dynamics in terms of the AP program at McKay.  The findings will guide what changes need to made to create and/or sustain access and success in AP coursework. Survey responses are also used is various EOS products to give voice to the individual student through the outreach and recruitment processes.

Sample Questions & Survey Themes

  • Current self: What are your favorite subject areas? How challenging are your classes? Did one or more of your parents or guardians graduate from high school/college?
  • Future self: What is your highest educational goal? Do your parents expect you to graduate from college? What are your future work/career interests?
  • Assets:
  • Growth mindset (I have a certain amount of intelligence and I can’t do very much to change it)
  • Grit (I am discouraged by challenges).
  • Academic Identity
  • Academic strategies (Describe yourself next year – using my time wisely, coping well with distractions, working hard to achieve my goals)
  • Community Leadership (Do you take care of siblings, cousins or elderly family members, translating for family, friends or other adults?)
  • AP Track Record: Currently enrolled in AP, previously taken AP, planning to take AP.
  • Information gaps: Do you know what AP classes are? The staff at your school have provided me with enough information about the AP program. Do AP classes boost students’ chances of getting into college?
  • Expectation gaps: How frequently have the following people encouraged you to take an AP class? A school staff member/a parent or guardian. Students like me are welcome in the AP program.
  • Sense of belonging: I feel like a part of a community in class, I am comfortable asking for help from teachers when I need it, compared to my peers, I feel like I have to prove myself to teachers.
  • AP Program Climate: What stereotypes (positive or negative) do you most often hear at your school about being an AP student?
  • Outreach: Please name the adult at your school who you would most trust to give you good advice. Please select the reasons why you would choose not to take AP.

If students or parent have questions about the survey, they can contact David Wood, Assistant Principal, in the office.