Counselor Contact Information

Counselor Grades/Last Names Email New Phone
Josh Lane 9th Grade: A-LE 971-900-5223
Sydney Piras 9th Grade: LO-Z 971-900-5234
Merri Bath McDonald 10th Grade: A-L 971-915-1099
Dawn Piersma 10th Grade: M-Z

12th Grade: MB-PA 971-332-3668
Jennifer Strong 11th Grade: A-FU

12th Grade: A-GAN 971-915-1512
Virginia Antunez 11th Grade: G-ME

12th Grade: GAR-MA 971-332-3942
Lonnie Duran 11th Grade: MI-Z

12th Grade: PE-Z 971-915-1687

Resource information on Google Classroom

We have created a classroom for students to access information about all things counseling:

Students go to Google classrooms and add this class to access the resources: Class code: mvirexp

Coping with Stress & Sadness
Coping with isolation during Covid
Grief & Loss
COVID resources-food, shelter, utility assistance
Mindfulness activities
Free social/emotional activities
Tech support
Forecasting materials for class selection

And more to come!
Most resources are located in this Class Folder and in the classroom materials section.
You can also check out different activities for stress, coping, mindfulness on our classwork section.
Our counseling team will be making regular posts & announcements here in the Stream as well.
We miss you and we are here for you! Please reach out if you need us.