Principal Statement, Student Loss at McKay

This is the statement by Principal Schoepper that staff shared with students today regarding this loss of one of our students.


To: McKay High School Students

From: Rob Schoepper, Principal

 Date: Tuesday, 01.23.18

 Today we learned of a devastating loss to the Royal Scot family. Last night, Alfredo Hernandez, a junior here, lost his life in a shooting off campus.

 We are all deeply saddened by this loss. Alfredo will forever be part of our school, our community and our McKay family.

 When events such as this occur, it is not unusual for us to react with shock, sadness, fear, anger and other feelings.  Those reactions may rise and fall throughout the remainder of the day, and even for days to come.  Some of us will want to have quiet time alone, and others may want time to talk with peers or adults.  Some of you who didn’t know Alfredo may be ready for teachers to return to academics sooner than others.

 We all need to practice patience and respect for each other. We encourage you to talk about Alfredo and remember him.  If you need additional help or time to talk about your feelings, you may go to the Safe Room, which is located in our McKay library. Counselors will be available all day and as long as you need them.

 You will be expected to sign out of your class and into the Safe Room.  It is important that you be in a setting with an adult present. For your wellbeing, tight accountability of attendance is critical during time of trauma and loss.

 As I’m sure you’ve noticed, we have additional law enforcement on campus today. Please feel free to talk to them about any safety concerns you may have. Your safety and your wellbeing, both physically and emotionally, are our greatest priorities. We are here for you. We will give you the space you need to grieve.

Thank you.

 Mr. Schoepper

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McKay Hosts CTE Showcase for 8th Graders

The last two Wednesday mornings found the McKay halls bustling with hundreds of 8th grade students. Students from Waldo came on January 10th and Stephens came on January 17th. They each visited 3 of the CTE programs offered here at McKay and got to explore first hand what those programs offer. It was a great opportunity for students to understand how a CTE program will help them move forward with a plan for their future success.

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Principal Update January 2018 English/Spanish


Hello McKay Community,

It was nice welcoming our community back from the long winter break last week. We have successfully transitioned back into learning here at McKay High School. As I have visited classrooms and have conferenced with both students and staff, our community is working hard to prepare for semester one finals here at the end of the month. We ask that you continue to conference with your student regarding assignments and activities. Likewise, please remember that if students need additional support, we provide after-school tutoring in our library every day until 5:00 pm. Teachers are also available to meet directly with both students and families.

Before the winter break, we hosted a McKay-area community meeting to review facility needs as well as projected enrollment numbers. We also reviewed the initial conceptual design for McKay High School, which will address these needs. I appreciated all the McKay community who came to our meeting to hear about this and to provide input into the process. For those of you who could not make it, I am attaching this information to review. Please know that I am happy to discuss this information with you at any time. Please call the office directly at 503.399.3080.

We appreciate the partnership and support here at McKay High School as we continue to move our school closer to our vision of ‘Every student graduates college and career ready.’

Rob Schoepper

Principal, McKay High School


11 de enero de 2018

Estimada comunidad de McKay:
Nos dio mucho placer darle la bienvenida a nuestra comunidad luego de las largas vacaciones invernales. La transición a las clases diarias ha sido exitosa en la Escuela Preparatoria McKay. En mis visitas a las aulas y en las conversaciones con el personal y con los alumnos, me he dado cuenta de que la comunidad se esfuerza al máximo por prepararse para los exámenes finales del semestre, los cuales se harán a fines del presente mes. Les pedimos que sigan al tanto de las tareas de clase y de las actividades estudiantiles. Asimismo, por favor, recuerden que, si el alumno necesita apoyo complementario, en la escuela damos tutoría diaria en la biblioteca después de clase hasta las 5 de la tarde. Los maestros también están en la mejor disposición de reunirse con los alumnos y las familias cuando sea necesario.

Antes de las vacaciones invernales, celebramos una reunión con la comunidad que vive en la zona de asistencia de McKay para conversar sobre las necesidades de la escuela, la proyección de la matrícula y el diseño conceptual de la Escuela Preparatoria McKay. Les damos las gracias a los miembros de la comunidad que acudieron a la reunión para expresar sus opiniones sobre estos asuntos. En beneficio de los que no asistieron a la reunión, adjunto dicha información a la presente carta. Por favor, tengan la certeza de que estoy a la disposición de ustedes para conversar en cualquier momento sobre los temas que tratamos en la reunión. Por favor, llamen a la oficina al teléfono 503.399.3080.

Agradecemos la colaboración y el apoyo de todos en la Preparatoria McKay mientras continuamos trabajando a fin de hacer realidad nuestra divisa: “Todos los alumnos se graduarán listos para la Universidad y para la vida profesional”.

Rob Schoepper

Director de la Escuela Preparatoria McKay


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McKay Honors Students for Good Attendance

On Friday, December 15th, McKay High School honored approximately 400 students for having 98% attendance or above throughout the first 55 days of school.  Through a tremendous, coordinated effort between our CCR teachers, PBIS team, school staff, and administrators, we were able to recognize our Royal Scots who’ve demonstrated an excellent commitment to their education.

Our celebration included snacks donated by our local Roth’s Fresh Market, a heart warming, holiday performance by our choir students, as well as a motivation address by Mr. Patrick Schrader.  We would like to thank everyone who had a hand in making this celebration a success for our community.

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Immunization Opportunities at McKay – January 17

Lancaster Family Health clinic staff have scheduled several school sites to provide immunizations for students that are out of compliance and facing potential exclusion in February. They are teaming with District nurses to come to McKay on Wednesday January 17th at 12:00 pm. Contact the office with any questions.

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French Club Visits Art Santuary

The French Club made its annual visit to the Art Sanctuary Ceramics studio to fuse French cultural tradition and clay sculpture! 

For the afternoon the French students turned into a Santonnier (maker of Santons). Santons, or “little saints”, are small hand-painted clay nativity scene figurines originally produced in the Provence region of southeastern France. They depict scenes from everyday village life from the scissors grinder, the fishwife, and chestnut seller.

The students were engaged and had a great time bonding while learning about French through a different media and experience. 

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