McKay Graduation Team Recognized at September 2019 School Board Meeting

Before presenting diplomas to eight McKay graduates at the September 10, 2019, school board meeting, Principal Schoepper took a moment to recognize the teachers, mentors and administrators who helped these students reach their goal. The McKay graduation team were all presented Spotlight on Success certificates by School Board Chairperson Marty Heyen.

Those recognized were:

• Terra Shiffer
• Jenna Kurka
• Dan Larsen

Support Team
• Patty Rodriguez
• Ken Ramirez
• Deleah Salstrom
• Dwight Roberson
• Rosma Wase

• Ranae Quiring
• Jerimy Kelley
• Miranda Cryns
• Wendy Stradley
• Ricardo Larios

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Eight Additional Students Join the Class of 2019 at McKay High School

Eight diplomas were awarded to new graduates from McKay High School last night at the Salem-Keizer School Board meeting. The students are our final eight graduates in the Class of 2019.

Each student was called one-by-one to the front of the board room. Principal Rob Schoepper handed new graduates their diplomas, and they shook hands with Superintendent Christy Perry, school board directors and McKay staff. After that, the beaming graduates showed off their diplomas and celebrated with their proud families and friends.

Video courtesy of: Capital Community Television Salem

The new graduates didn’t have enough credits to graduate with their peers on June 5 or in the summer on August 1. To help them across the finish line, McKay launched an Extended Credit Recover Program last month for the eight students. They needed from .5 to 3 credits to graduate. All eight attended class at McKay in August to reach their goal of graduating.

Before the diplomas were awarded, Schoepper praised students and thanked the McKay graduation team.

“I have to say the students earning diplomas tonight worked very hard over the summer,” Schoepper said. “They never gave up and put in the effort needed to achieve this important accomplishment, supported by a terrific McKay team. As principal, I want to thank all of you for your work and sacrifices this August. It means a lot.”

Last night’s graduates are:

  • Esperanza Martinez
  • Alejandra Cuesta-Meraz
  • Misael Manzano
  • Toni Cedillo
  • Asher Padilla Esparza
  • Angel Hance Route
  • Ruth Langmoir
  • Jamayca Jackson

With the addition of the eight graduates recognized last night, a total of 2,786 students, which includes 120 students who earned GEDs, graduated from Salem-Keizer high schools in the Class of 2019.



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Principal Update: Student Attendance

Hello McKay Families and Community,

Our vision is ‘Every student graduates college and career ready.’  As we get the new school year off to a successful start, it is important to address this issue of chronic absenteeism.   Last year one in three students at McKay were considered chronically absent.  This means these students attended less than 90% of the time. This impacts student learning and achievement at a foundational level and results in fewer students walking across the graduation stage.

Here are some key findings:

  • Students who attend school regularly are 172% more likely to graduate.
  • Missing just two days of school each month results in an entire month of lost instruction.
  • Arriving tardy to school matters. Being consistently 15 minutes late to school results in missing two weeks of instruction each year.
  • When too many students miss class, this impacts all students as instruction is slowed.

It is important to note that research has shown a correlation between student attendance in school and work attendance later in life.  Habits built throughout a student’s K-12 career is carried into adulthood.  This also connects to employability.  Missing class results in missing important skill development for success after high school.

As principal, I want to challenge us as a community to do better.  We have strong attendance systems in place this year to address this issue.  We are also celebrating our students who meet or exceed our target of 90% attendance.   We realize that it requires a school-home partnership to ensure our students are fully supported.  I am asking us to work together to improve attendance at McKay.  Please work with us by communicating with your student the importance of regular attendance and getting to school on-time.

If you want to discuss the importance of regular attendance or resources we have available to support students and families please call me directly at 503.399.3080.


Rob Schoepper
McKay High School

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Welcome to the Fall Sports Season!

Thank you to all the families that came out for our Fall Sports Parent Night. We’re excited for a great season of watching our student athletes become competitive, successful character based leaders through athletics.

We, as coaches, committed to our community that we’re going to get students to attend over 92%, get over a 3.0 GPA, and be college ready when they finish their four years in our programs.

It’s a privilege to serve in this community. Have a great Fall Scots!


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2019-2020 Secondary Parent Yearly Title I Information- English & Spanish


Información importante para los padres de familia

En diciembre de 2015, el Congreso de los Estados Unidos (en inglés, United States Congress) aprobó la Ley Cada Estudiante Triunfa (Every Student Succeeds Act, ESSA, por sus siglas en inglés), un paquete legislativo con actualizaciones en diversas oportunidades y requisitos de notificación importantes para los padres de familia o tutores legales de los estudiantes inscritos en una escuela que recibe una porción de dinero de fondos federales de Título I, la Parte A (en inglés, Title I, Part A) de la ley.

Si usted es un padre de familia o tutor legal de un estudiante inscrito en una escuela que recibe fondos de Título I, usted tiene el derecho de solicitar información referente a las credenciales profesionales de los maestros y auxiliares de maestros que trabajen con su estudiante. Si usted desea solicitar esta información, por favor, entregue por escrito su solicitud al director de la escuela de su estudiante.  Las solicitudes para tal información recibirán una respuesta por escrito dentro de diez (10) días escolares de la fecha de recepción de la solicitud.

La información provista a través de este procedimiento tiene el objetivo de fortalecer la comunicación abierta y transparente establecida entre nuestras escuelas, los estudiantes, los padres de familia y las comunidades a las que servimos.

Información de escuela de Título I

Se requiere que cada escuela de Titulo IA en el Distrito Escolar de Salem-Keizer provea las siguientes oportunidades para facilitar la buena participación de los padres e incluirlos en las actividades escolares de su estudiante:

La reunión anual

Cada escuela de Titulo IA realiza una reunión anual para enseñar a las familias acerca de los programas y requisitos de Titulo IA.  Las familias tendrán oportunidades para revisar y dar sus comentarios sobre lo siguiente:

  • los requisitos y la condición de la escuela de Titulo IA
  • los derechos de los padres de familia de las escuelas de Titulo IA
  • los datos estudiantiles de la escuela


Juntos durante una reunión, cada escuela revisa el acuerdo entre la escuela y los padres de familia.  También, se distribuye el acuerdo cada año, típicamente durante las conferencias de otoño para los padres de familia y maestros.  Pueden consultar el acuerdo que se encuentra disponible en la página web de la escuela y también pueden obtener una copia de la oficina escolar durante todo el año.


Durante el año escolar, las escuelas de Titulo IA proporcionan múltiples y una variedad de oportunidades y eventos de capacitación para que los padres continúen aumentando su capacidad de apoyar a su estudiante durante su tiempo en la escuela.  Varias escuelas realizan reuniones para que los padres de familia conversen y contribuyan sus comentarios acerca de las decisiones importantes que se toman en la escuela.

El Distrito Escolar de Salem-Keizer también cuenta con un comité asesor de padres de familia de Titulo IA que se reúne periódicamente para proveer a las familias la oportunidad de hacer comentarios, plantear preguntas y recibir información actualizada sobre las normas de la escuela y el distrito escolar. Esto también incluye el plan de participación para los padres de familia.


Anualmente, cada escuela revisa y actualiza el plan de participación para los padres de familia para que este plan represente las necesidades de las familias y los estudiantes que asisten a la escuela.  También, se distribuye el plan de participación de los padres de familia típicamente cada año durante las conferencias de otoño para los padres de familia y maestros.  Pueden consultar el plan de participación de los padres de familia que se encuentra disponible en la página web de la escuela y también pueden obtener una copia de la oficina escolar durante todo el año.



Important Information for Parents

In December 2015, the United States Congress passed the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), a legislation package that updated a number of important notification opportunities and requirements for parents or guardians of students enrolled in a school that receives federal funds under Title I, Part A of the act.

If you are a parent or guardian of a student enrolled in a school receiving Title I funds, you have the right to request information regarding the professional qualifications of your student’s teacher(s) and/or paraprofessional(s). If you wish to do so, please submit a written request for this information to your school’s principal. Submitted requests will receive a written response within ten (10) school days from the date of receipt.

Information provided under this process is intended to strengthen the open and transparent communication established between our schools and the students, parents, and communities they serve.

Title I School Information

Every Title IA school in the Salem-Keizer School District is required to provide the following opportunities for families to authentically engage and be involved in their student’s school:


Every Title IA school hosts an Annual Meeting for families to learn about the school’s Title IA programs and requirements. Families will have opportunities to review and provide feedback in the following areas:

  • Title IA School Status and Requirements
  • Rights of Title IA Parents
  • School Data


Every school reviews the School-Parent Compact with parents annually. Each year the compact is distributed typically during the Fall Parent-Teacher Conference. Compacts are available on the school’s website and in the school office all year for parents.


Throughout the school year, Title IA schools provide multiple and varied opportunities and trainings for parents to continue to build their capacity to support their child in their school journey. Many schools have monthly parent meetings to discuss and solicit input on important decisions at the school.

The Salem-Keizer School District also provides a Title IA Parent Advisory Committee that meets periodically to provide families an opportunity to provide input, ask questions and receive updates on district and school policies. This includes the District Parent Involvement Plan.


Annually, each school reviews and updates the Parent Involvement Plan to reflect the needs of families and students attending school. Each year Parent Involvement Plans are distributed to families typically during the Fall Parent-Teacher Conferences. Plans are available in the school office and on the school’s web page all year

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District Sends Revised Dress Code Letter to All Families

The complete letter is attached below in English and Spanish.

Dear Parents and Guardians of Salem-Keizer High School Students:

The Salem-Keizer School District recognizes that a dress code policy enables the District to promote a safe and appropriate educational setting, which is free from unnecessary disruptions or outside influences.

Effective the 19-20 school year, below is our updated dress code policy.

Salem-Keizer Public Schools expects that all students will dress in a way that is appropriate for the school day or for any school-sponsored event. Student dress choices should respect the intent to sustain a community that is inclusive of a diverse range of identities. The primary responsibility for a student’s attire resides with the student and their parent(s) or guardian(s).

The school district is responsible for seeing that student attire does not interfere with the health or safety of any student, that student attire does not contribute to a hostile or intimidating atmosphere for any student, and that dress code enforcement does not reinforce or increase marginalization or oppression of any group based on race, sex, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, cultural observance, household income, or body type/size. Any restrictions to the way a student dresses must be necessary to support the overall educational goals of the school and must be explained within this dress code.


Estimados padres y tutores legales de los estudiantes que asisten las escuelas preparatorias de Salem-Keizer:

El distrito escolar de Salem-Keizer reconoce que un código de vestimenta le permite al distrito a promover un ambiente educativo, seguro, apropiado, y libre de interrupciones innecesarias o influencias externas.

A continuación, se encuentra nuestro código de vestimenta actualizado, efectivo el año escolar 2019-20:

En las Escuelas Públicas de Salem-Keizer se espera que todos los estudiantes se vistan de manera apropiada para el día y cualquier evento escolar. La vestimenta elegida por los estudiantes debe respetar el objetivo de mantener una comunidad inclusiva para una amplia variedad de identidades. La responsabilidad principal de la selección de la vestimenta corresponde al estudiante y sus padres de familia o tutores legales.

El distrito escolar tiene la responsabilidad de cerciorarse de que la vestimenta del estudiante no interfiera con la salud ni la seguridad de cualquier estudiante y que no contribuya a un ambiente hostil o intimidante para cualquier estudiante; y la aplicación del código de vestimenta no reafirme o aumente la marginación o la opresión de cualquier grupo basado en raza, sexo, identidad de género, expresión de género, orientación sexual, etnicidad, religión, observancia cultural, ingresos del hogar, o tipo/tamaño del cuerpo. Cualquier restricción a como un estudiante se viste debe ser necesaria para apoyar los objetivos educativos de la escuela y debe explicarse en este código de vestimenta.

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Online Schedule Change Request Form:

Students who would like to request a change to their schedule can submit a form using the link below. The requests will be processed by counselors, and an email will be sent to you once the request has been processed, please do not email your counselor directly. These submissions are requests only and do not guarantee changes or placements. The form will be available until midnight on August 26th, your final blue schedule will be available on the first day of school.

Click here to submit a schedule change request.

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McKay Staff Support Seniors Toward August Graduation

McKay Principal Rob Schoepper isn’t above showing up at a student’s house and dragging her out of bed to get her to the school library. He’s got a team of staff working to help nine more students become part of the Class of 2019 before an Aug. 30 state deadline. – Story b August 13, 2019

To read the full story, click here.

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