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McKay CAD Students Bridge Test – Winners Announced

Students taking CAD 1 (Computer Aided Design) in the Engineering program at McKay competed in designing and constructing the most efficient bridge made of balsa wood.   The students were given the criteria and rules in early April.  Next, they completed their designs using AutoCAD software to produce scaled drawings of their bridges.  They were then sent home with their drawings, glue and balsa wood and given roughly 2 months to construct the bridge.  Testing the bridges was completed this week.  Students weigh their bridges, take pictures, and test it by hanging a bucket from the bridge and pouring sand into the bucket until failure (total destruction) has occurred. Then they compute the efficiency. (The weight of the bridge vs the weight it held). 

Mr. Wenger the instructor says, “It is always interesting to see what they come up with.” This was a record setting class.  The 1st place winner Justin Walker designed and constructed a bridge that only weighed 17.4 Grams, which is the lowest of all time for a winner. Congratulations to all these students. Their future in Engineering looks very bright.

The results are as follows: 

1st place – Justin Walker-  weight applied 49.4 lbs.  Efficiency  – 1289 lbs.
2nd place – Edouard Boyzo -weight applied 58.4 Efficiency – 858 lbs.
3rd place –  Dylon Stover –  weight applied 31.4 Efficiency – 801lbs


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McKay 7 on 7 Football Team Takes the Division Championship

On Saturday our 7 on 7 Team won their game against South 43-16.  They finished the season as division champions with a 6-1 record!


Click here to read the article by Jeremy Mcdonald of JMcDonaldMedia.


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McKay Athletes Honored at Salem Sports and Breakfast Club

Congratulations to McKay Seniors Israel Garza and Jesse Garcia who were finalists for Athletes of the Year through the Salem Sports and Breakfast Club.  These two are strong examples of leadership and commitment to both academics and athletics.  Well done you Izzy and Jesse!


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McKay Seniors Receive Oregon State Seal of Biliteracy

The Spanish Department at McKay would like to announce the official list of seniors that have received the Oregon State Seal of Biliteracy. Recipients of this award have demonstrated high levels of language proficiency in Spanish and English, and they have successfully satisfied the criteria for the Oregon State Seal of Biliteracy, approved by the State Board of Education for 2018.  Go Scots!

Álvarez Carmona, Dióselin
Ángel, Alejandra
Anguiano, Jose
Arellano-Peña, Giselle A.
Arredondo, Rocio
Armenta Soto, Leslie J.
Bazán Ayala, Iveth
Bermúdez-Herrera, Lesly
Bustos Cervantes, Gloria
Cabral Bazua, Diana V.
Castaneda Rodríguez, Lizbet
Castaneda, Citlalli
Castellanos Ayala, Alejandra
Castro Castro, Luis
Castro Contreras, Alexis
Ceja Rodríguez, María G.
Ceja Rosales, Gabriela
Ceja-Alejandre, Alondra G.
Cerpas, Carlos
Chávez, Jandy
Coria Corona, Montserrat
Cortés Arraola, Juliana
Cortés Gonzalez, Michael
Cruz Landeta, Lesli
Cruz, Fabiola
Escorcia Lopez, Adriana
Esquivel, Michelle
Fahlman, Michaele
Figueroa, Ángel
Flores Hernández, Rubén
Flores Olivas, Álex
Flores Palafox, Jeronimo
Flores, Cristófer
Fuentes-Ventura, Joshue J.
Gabriel-Cortés, Lucía
García Carrasco, Iyari
Garibay Garibay, Ignacio
Garibay Garibay, María
Garibay-Diaz, Elizabeth
Garibay, Valeria
Garibó Bermúdez, Gladis
González, Éric
Hernández García, Janet
Hernández Hernández, Juan J.
Hernández Zamora, Denise
Hernández, Denise
Hernández, Dulce
Ibarra Vega, Fernanda Y.
Jiménez Peñuelas, Carmen C.
Leyva Ramírez, Ángeles
Leyva Ramírez, Salomón
López Arellano, Daniel
López Mendoza, Gladis
López, Juan
Maciel-Tolento, Brian
Magaña, Daniela
Marcos Barceló, Marlén
Martínez Chavarín, Saúl
Martínez Sosa, Lizbeth
Martínez Tapia, Irving A.
Martínez Torralba, Emmanuel
Martínez, Melina
Mendoza-Madrigal, Luz E.
Miranda Cortez, Octavio
Mora, Karina
Mota Sanches, Anthony
Mote-Plancarte, Azlynn
Muñoz-Álvarez, Juan Antonio
Muñoz, Haidee
Muñoz, Rául JR.
Nolasco, Germán D.
Orozco Cruz, Letzy D.
Orozco, Daisy
Ortega Valladares, Marisela
Oseguera-García, Rosa H.
Quevedo Franco, Javier
Quevedo, Mishelle
Quiroz Rubio, Daniela J.
Ramírez Ramírez, Elizabeth
Rangel Gonzalez, Fidelina
Rocha-Guzman, Daniel
Rojas, Sonia
Romero, Nancy
Sánchez Ojeda, Brandon
Sandoval, Aaliyah E.
Solis, Jenyfer J.
Suarez, Michelle
Tista, Jackie
Tovar, Andre A.
Trápala Castelán, Tania
Vargas Galeno, Cesar B.
Vázquez Lima, Fátima
Verdeja Ramírez, Brian
Vidales-Cruz, Jimmy U.
Zamora Sendejas, Ángeles D.



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McKay Student Highlighted on KOIN Channel 6

McKay’s Ruben Flores-Hernandez is an amazing young man. His accomplishments have caught the attention of the media. Recently Jenny Hansson with KOIN Channel 6 news did a story on Ruben. Check out the full story on KOIN.com or by clicking the link below. McKay has many amazing students that often fly under the radar. It is awesome when others outside of our community recognize the great things that happen here . Go Scots!

Ruben Fores-Hernandez Story on KOIN 6

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Saturday Market Community Chopped Challenge

On Saturday, May 19, 2018, students from McKay, Clagget Creek and South Salem High school competed together as teams (1 or 2 students from each school on a team together) creating Appetizers, Entrees and Desserts.

After each round, one team was CHOPPED.

Appetizer Round: They had 20 minutes to create a dish using: Leafy Greens, Corn Tortillas, Oranges and Mushrooms.

Entrée Round: They had 30 minutes to create a dish using: Tri-Tip, Cous Cous, Mustard and Zucchini .

Dessert Round: They had 20 minutes to create a dish using: Bananas, Caramels, Dried Chili Peppers and Pecans.

Our judges were:

City Councilman -Tom Anderson
Dallas High School Culinary Arts Teacher- Kelleigh Ratzlaff
Army National Guard Specialist -Kim Mora
Table Five08 Owner and Executive Chef -Jason Freeburg

Our Master of Ceremonies for the event was ORLA Member Greg Astley. Greg did a phenomenal job of keeping everything moving along and making sure the audience was engaged in what was happening during the cooking process, judging and the various roles the kids had in preparing for this event.

A huge shout out to South Salem Culinary Management Student KYLEE HARRIS for creating this event, promoting it, organizing it and helping to make sure it ran very smoothly! (This was a major part of her Management grade in class).
Also thank you to South Salem Manufacturing Technology students for hand making the trophies.
Thank you to South Salem Graphic Arts students for hand pressing the shirts all the kids wore. 

THANK YOU TO EVERYONE who came out and supported our district culinary kids. We are all in this together in the Salem-Keizer School District.

ALL students graduate and are prepared for a successful life.

The following McKay students participated.
Talon Kivisto
Andrea Castro
Emily Huang
Kyle  Taylor-Kirkpatrick
Cristian Ramirez

Congratulate them when you get a chance.    GO SCOTS!

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