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Students do drama exercises in theatre class.

Come be part of the drama!

Theatre Arts I 

Theatre Arts I provides an understanding of what theatre is and the elements that create it. While we study characterization, acting is not the prime emphasis: rather the goal is a well-rounded perspective of theatre. Collaboration and audience etiquette will also be essential skills. Instructional practices will incorporate inclusivity and diversity of all student identities, backgrounds, and cultures. Successful completion with a C or better is a prerequisite for all other theatre courses. 

Theatre Arts II  

Theatre Arts II students will learn detailed techniques in acting through the performance and study of various acting and script analysis strategies.  Taught in a workshop format, students are expected to participate in acting lab sessions and be actively engaged in class. At McKay, work outside of class time is required

Advanced Theatre Arts 

Advanced Theater Arts purpose is to increase students’ understanding, appreciation, and critical perceptions of the theatrical event and support the individual students’ artistic vision., This course will cover the fundamentals and continue to provide an overview of theatre in acting, body movement, scene study, voice, student directed Shakespeare, classical scene study, full length, history of theatre, and script analysis. Advanced Theatre incorporates inclusivity and diversity of all student identities, backgrounds, and cultures. 


Improvisation is useful in aspects of theatre and beyond. Students learn the pillars of Improvisation and the components of a successful scene through daily activities. Skits, scenes, and games are used to enhance teamwork, confidence, creativity, problem-solving, peer-critiquing, and performance skills. Performance may occur within and beyond the school day and are a requirement for members of this class.  

Technical Theater I 

Technical Theater students learn the backstage workings of a theatrical production.  Areas of study include sound, lighting, management, publicity, props, costumes, set design and construction, make-up, and hair. Students will have the opportunity to work on a main stage production. 

Advanced Technical Theater  

Advanced Technical Theater includes hands-on practical application of the following: theatre spaces, design, set construction and decoration, lighting, sound, properties, costuming, and make up. Assigned hours will be required outside of class will be spent on technical aspects of the current production and required. Specific course work will be determined by the experience and ability level of the student. Advanced Technical Theatre incorporates inclusivity and diversity of all student identities, backgrounds, and cultures. 

Children’s Theater 

Children’s Theater will create theater for young audiences, focusing on elementary school ages. The intent is to discover, the dramatization of children’s stories, poems, and fairy tales, how to perform in a manner that is appropriate for and entertaining to the young. This course includes presentation of a traveling show to visit various community locations and/or elementary schools. At McKay this class requires out of class work. 

Advanced Drama/Directing 

Advanced Drama/Directing is a comprehensive overview of the directing process. The emphasis will be on text analysis, blocking techniques and rehearsal strategies. 

Advanced Drama/American Musical Theatre

Advanced Drama/American Musical Theatre is an advanced course that can be repeated for credit. This class will study acting techniques specific to musical theater performance, as well, as, the literature and history of the American musical. The final project will be a main stage production for the public. 

Theatre Business and Stage Management 

Theatre Business and Stage Management will address the business of theatrical administration.