A Message to our McKay High School Class of 2020

From: Rob Schoepper, Principal

To our Royal Scot Seniors:

As you have already heard, Governor Brown announced that schools across the State of Oregon will remain closed through the end of the school year. Although this information did not come as a shock, it is difficult to express how disappointed I was to hear this news. To many of our McKay staff and community, our Senior events and our McKay Graduation are the absolute highlights of the year. These next two months were reserved to celebrate and honor you and your accomplishments through 13 years of education. It was reserved for your Senior Prom, your Senior Sunset Dinner, your Senior Awards, reminiscing with your classmates of 13 years, and, ultimately, your graduation day. We will be getting back to you on what we can do at McKay to try to salvage some of these important milestones.

This is not how I envisioned addressing you at this time in your high school career. Please know that you are the ones that are on everyone’s mind right now. You have managed the late nights, the rigorous assessments, the relationships, the homework sessions after work, the heartbreaks, the setbacks, and the successes. You have found ways to balance all of the highs and lows and continued to move toward the goals you have set for yourselves. You have successfully navigated your way through the challenging gauntlet of high school and are worthy of being honored. My heart goes out to you and your families.

McKay High School will be doing everything we can to find innovative ways to honor you over the course of the next couple of months. You represent the very best in our McKay community and deserve to be honored. You have made us proud!

Regarding the remaining two months of your education at McKay High School, please see the important points below.

· Seniors in good standing (meaning on track to graduate and passing all classes as of March 13th) will be issued credit for classes in progress and will graduate on time.

· Seniors not in good standing as of March 13th will engage in distance learning opportunities with McKay teachers to recover credit and graduate on time. Teachers will focus efforts on standards not met as of March 13th and/or credit recovery opportunities to meet graduation requirements. You will have as many opportunities as needed to get to a passing grade and support from the McKay staff and community.

· Each senior family will be contacted to review any remaining graduation requirements, as well as, post-graduation opportunities.

· For information from Colt Gill, Superintendent of Public Instruction for the State of Oregon, related to Oregon high school seniors, please click here.

With appreciation,

Rob Schoepper, Principal