Nov 1 –

SENIORS ONLY. FAFSA/FSA ID/ORSA Completion. Scholarship search. College applications how to.

Dec 6 –

ALL GRADE LEVELS- McKay High School Alumni Panel. Students who graduated from McKay sharing their personal experiences with college and career. Bring your questions as they will be answering your questions about college life, life after high school, and more.

Jan 10-

ALL GRADE LEVELS – Adulting Class. More info to come.

Feb 7 –

JUNIORS- SAT/ACT Registration

FRESHMAN/SOPHMORES – Checklists, counselors talking about credits, volunteer hours, how to build your personal high school portfolio and more.

March 7 –

Resume Workshop & Mock Interviews. Preparing for summer jobs, part time & full time jobs. (15 years and older)

May 30-

Job Fair. More details TBD  (15 years and older)