McKay Registration Information 20-21

Registering students for Fall 2020-21

Dear McKay High School Families,

We are excited to share that the online registration for the 2020-21 school year is now open. Each year, parents and/or guardians of all students in Salem-Keizer Public Schools (SKPS) must complete registration or enrollment verification. If you have already submitted an online registration for next year, thank you, you do not need to do anything further.

Registration for Returning Students:

1. Please go to this link on the SKPS website to register online.

2. Chose “I am a parent”

3. Login to your ParentVUE account. If you forgot your password there is a “forgot password” link.

4. Please complete the Online Registration (upper right-hand corner)

If you do not have a ParentVUE account, but your student has attended McKay or any other SKPS school in the district, please contact the Registrar, Megan Everetts Zellick ( to obtain an activation key.

Registration for Students transferring to McKay from another SKPS:

Students need to be withdrawn from their previous school before they enroll at McKay. This is especially important for students transferring within SKPS District.

  1. Parent/Guardian must enroll online via ParentVue. You will be required to upload proof of address. Proof of address in the form of: utility bill, lease agreement, bill of sale etc.
  2. The online submission will be placed in pending mode, until our Registrar has verified enrollment.
  3. Parent/Guardian will be notified via email when the submission has been accepted.

Registration for Students brand new to the SKPS & McKay for the 2020-21 school year:

  1. Please go to this link on the SKPS website to set up a ParentVUE account.
  2. Once the ParentVUE account is set up, you will be directed to complete the student’s registration information.
  3. After registration is completed, our Registrar will approve the registration if completed correctly. She will reach out via email to collect any other information necessary.

If you have any questions or transcripts earned from previous years, please contact our Registrar, Megan Everetts Zellick ( thank you!

Estimadas familias de la Escuela Preparatoria McKay:

Nos entusiasma compartirles que la matrícula escolar en línea para el ciclo escolar 2020-21 se encuentra disponible ahora. Cada año, los padres de familia o tutores de todos los estudiantes de las Escuelas Públicas de Salem-Keizer (SKPS, por sus siglas en inglés), deben rellenar el formulario o verificar la matrícula escolar. Si usted ya presentó la matrícula escolar en línea para el ciclo escolar entrante, se lo agradecemos y no es necesario que usted haga algo adicional.

La matrícula para los estudiantes que regresan a la Escuela Preparatoria Mckay:

  1. Por favor, visite el siguiente enlace SKPS website para la matrícula escolar en línea.
  2. Elija la frase “I am a parent” (soy el padre de familia).
  3. Ingrese a su cuenta de ParentVUE. Si usted olvidó su contraseña, hay un enlace de “forgot password” (olividé la contraseña).
  4. Por favor, rellene la matrícula escolar en línea (ubicada en la parte superior derecha).

Si usted no tiene cuenta de ParentVUE, pero su estudiante ha asistido a la Escuela Preparatoria McKay o a cualquier otra escuela del distrito de SKPS, por favor, comuníquese con la persona encargada de los registros escolares, Megan Everetts Zellick ( para obtener una clave de activación.

La matrícula para los estudiantes que se transfieren a la Escuela Preparatoria McKay de otra escuela del distrito escolar de SKPS:

Los estudiantes necesitan ser dados de baja de su previa escuela antes de matricularse en McKay. Esto es particularmente importante para aquellos estudiantes que se transfieren de una escuela a otra del distrito escolar de SKPS.

  1. El padre de familia o tutor debe matricular al estudiante en línea mediante ParentVue. Le será requerido cargar el comprobante de domicilio. El comprobante de domicilio puede ser: una factura de una cuenta de servicios, un contrato de alquiler, una escritura de compraventa etc.
  2. La matrícula en línea quedará pendiente hasta que nuestra encargada de los registros escolares haya verificado la matrícula.
  3. Cuando haya sido aceptado el formulario de matrícula, se le notificará mediante un correo electrónico al padre de familia o tutor del estudiante.

La matrícula para los estudiantes de nuevo ingreso a SKPS y a McKay para el ciclo escolar  2020-21:

  1. Por favor, visite el siguiente enlace del sitio web de SKPS para crear una cuenta de  
  2. Una vez que la cuenta de ParentVUE haya sido creada, usted será guiado para rellenar la información de la matricula del estudiante.
  3. Después de que la matrícula haya sido finalizada, si fue rellenada correctamente, nuestra persona encargada de los registros escolares aprobará la matrícula. Ella se comunicará con usted mediante un correo electrónico para obtener cualquier otra información necesaria.

Ante cualquier duda o si usted cuenta con expedientes oficiales de calificaciones obtenidas en años escolares previos, por favor, comuníquese con nuestra persona encargada de la matrícula escolar, Megan Everetts Zellick (

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McKay Teacher in the National Spotlight

Tiffany Carstensen, Director of Theater Arts at McKay High School in Salem, Oregon has been selected to participate in a national educator panel to discuss racism and racial equality.   This is a great honor to be one of only 3 teachers from K-12 schools selected nationally.

“It is with great honor and humility that I e-ntroduce this group to each other as our esteemed panel of educators to discuss racism and racial equity next week as part of our Virtual International Thespian Festival.

Dr. Jamey Riley (Moderator) – Director for Racial Equity with the Center for Law and Social Policy in Washington D.C.

Corey Mitchell (Panelist) – Teacher at Northwest School of the Arts in Charlotte, NC. The first ever recipient of the Tony® Award for Excellence in Theatre Education.

Estella Owoimaha-Church (Panelist) – Teacher at Hawthorne HS in Hawthorne, CA. She is the founder and executive director of Education Ensemble, a non-profit dedicated to centering marginalized youth and equipping teens to use art as a form of direct-action.

Donald Amerson (Panelist) – Teacher at Orange County School of the Arts in Santa Ana, CA. He teaches acting, improvisation, experimental theatre and theatre for social justice, and holds an MFA in Drama and Theatre for Young Audiences and a Masters of Public Policy.

Tiffany Carstensen (Panelist) –  Director of Theatre Arts at McKay in Salem, OR. McKay is a Title I school with over 25 languages among its student population, with white students making up less than 20%. Tiffany has taught workshops at state and national levels in proficiency grading and equity and sits on the board for Enlighted Theatrics where she serves at the secretary and head of the Education Committee.

Dr. Roberto Pomo (Panelist) – Tenured Faculty in the Department of Theatre & Dance at California State University, Sacramento. Dr. Pomo is a renowned expert in Latin American Theatre and is a recipient of the John C. Livingston Award, which is given annually to faculty members who “transcend their disciplines and positively impact the students at Sac State through teaching, service and creative and scholarly activities.

Devon Glover (Panelist) – Devon is a Brooklyn-based rapper who produces hip-hop adaptations of Shakespeare’s sonnets for performances and workshops as ‘The Sonnet Man’. Devon is one of the most popular teaching artists on the EdTA/ITS circuit, teaching Shakespeare to Thespians all across the country.”

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Attention Seniors: Don’t forget your Google Drive Files

Seniors: You school experience is ending….what about all your files in Google Drive?

Backup Before You Pack Up

Save your work with Google Takeout

Seniors, you’ve worked hard to get to graduation and much of that work is housed in your Google Apps account. If you’d like to take your work with you, Google Takeout is a great way to do this!

Students only have access to their Salem-Keizer Public Schools Google accounts while actively enrolled in a Salem-Keizer school. Google Takeout allows you to keep data from the products you use, like your email, calendar and photos.

In a few easy steps, create an archive to download and keep for your records or transfer the data into another Google account.
Students who are leaving the district or graduating should download and move files from their accounts before access is disabled.

For students transferring to another district, this process should be completed prior to their last day as a Salem-Keizer student. For graduating seniors, this process must be completed by the last day of school.

This process may take several days if there are many large files. Please plan accordingly.

Guarda tu información antes de empacar

Guarda tu trabajo en Google Takeout

Estudiantes de 12 grado, han trabajado arduamente para poder graduarse y mucho de ese trabajo se encuentra almacenado en su cuenta de Google Apps. ¡Si les gustaría llevarse su trabajo, una excelente alternativa para hacer esto es utilizar Google Takeout!

Los estudiantes solo tienen acceso a sus cuentas Google de las Escuelas Públicas de Salem-Keizer mientras estén matriculados en una escuela de Salem-Keizer. Google Takeout permite mantener la información de productos que usan tales como el correo electrónico, el calendario y las fotografías. En solo pocos pasos, se puede crear un archivo para descargar y guardar la información para sus registros o bien se pueden transferir los datos a otra cuenta de Google.

Los estudiantes que no asistirán a una escuela del distrito o se graduarán deben descargar y transferir sus documentos de sus cuentas de antes de que el acceso a estas sea desactivado. Para los estudiantes que se trasladarán a otro distrito, este proceso debe llevarse a cabo antes de su último día de clases como estudiante de las Escuelas Públicas de Salem-Keizer. Para los estudiantes de 12 grado, este proceso deben terminarlo para el último día de clases. Este proceso puede tomar varios días si existen varios archivos grandes. Por favor, planifiquen convenientemente.

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Chromebook Update for Summer 2020

Salem-Keizer families, we are excited to announce that students will keep their Chromebooks checked out over the summer to promote continued access to digital learning resources and provide opportunities for students to practice academic skills learned throughout the school year.

If students no longer need their Chromebook or they are not returning to a Salem-Keizer school in the fall, the Chromebook can be dropped off at the district Technology Office at 1340 State St., Salem, OR 97301, Monday – Thursday between the hours of 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. If you are not able to drop off a Chromebook at that location, please call 503-399-5555 for assistance.

Have questions? Visit for more information.

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