Chromebooks Disabled Overnight for Student Safety

Chromebooks disabled overnight/Chromebooks de todos los estudiantes serán inhabilitados durante el transcurso de la media noche

To help ensure the safety of our students online, Chromebooks for all students will be disabled overnight. All elementary and middle school devices will be disabled between the hours of 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. High school devices will be disabled between the hours of midnight and 6 a.m. For more tips to help keep your child safe online, please watch this short video.

Para ayudar a garantiza la seguridad de nuestros estudiantes en línea, los Chromebooks de todos los estudiantes serán inhabilitados durante el transcurso de la media noche. Todos los dispositivos de los estudiantes de educación primaria e intermedia serán inhabilitados desde las 10:00 pm. hasta las 6:00 am. Los dispositivos de los estudiantes de educación preparatoria serán inhabilitados durante el transcurso de la media noche hasta las 6:00 am. Para conocer más ideas sobre cómo mantener a sus hijos seguros en línea, por favor, vea el siguiente video de corta duración.

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Forecasting for Next Year: Student Instructions -Deadline is May 11

How will your class schedule for next be created?

Read the information below and then ACT…it’s up to you!

Please use StudentVue to select your classes for next year!

Instructions and resources have been emailed to you and are on our website, (See attachments below) please have your selections in by May 11th

If you have questions, contact your counselor!

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Virtual Student Center on Google classroom

McKay School Counseling Google Classroom

The counseling department has created a virtual Student Center on Google classroom, where you can access resources to help support you, your learning, and your social-emotional needs. We encourage you to log into the classroom and explore the resources available to you and your family. Counselors will be posting weekly tips on self-care, relaxation, & stress management to help you navigate through these difficult & uncertain times. We are here for you.

How to access the McKay School Counseling classroom:

In Google Classroom add a new course with this code: mvirexp

Topics you can find information about in the McKay School Counseling Google classroom includes: 

Coping skills for difficult times
COVID Community Resources-food, shelter, crisis support
Grief, Loss & Depression
Stress management activities
Mindfulness resources & activities
Senior Information
Forecasting Information
Technology support
Oregon CIS

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Hey Seniors! Check Out Graduation Info!

Senior Class of
2020 McKay High School

Graduation Guidance and Communication

Seniors are awarded credit on their classes for work completed from:
January 28th-March 13th

Graduates (Including early grads who declared before March 13):

  • When you have met the graduation requirements for your diploma, you will be notified by phone, and in a written letter.
  • You can check your own graduation progress on StudentVUE under Course History, but graduation will only be confirmed when you receive verbal and written confirmation.
  • You will remain a McKay student, with CCR, email and ID until June 5th
  • Please see the Senior FAQ below for questions about celebrations.

All other seniors:

  • You can see your remaining required credits by logging into your StudentVUE and clicking on Course History to see what is remaining.
  • Your counselor will contact you with a pathway to graduation through Distance Learning
  • You are responsible for completing outstanding work through March 13th through distance learning with your assigned teachers.
  • Graduation status will be updated every 2 weeks and graduates will be notified by phone and letter when they have met expectations.

For more information contact:
or contact your counselor directly.


Will our prom be rescheduled?

No. All activities scheduled for the remainder of the school year have been canceled

What about stuff that I left at McKay? How will I get it back?

Monday, May 11 has been booked from 8:00am-2:00pm for the following:

● Seniors will retrieve items from their lockers. Students will not be permitted to enter the building, but locker contents will be transferred to a labeled bag that will be available for curbside pick-up.
● Seniors may pay any outstanding fees.
● Seniors may return Chromebooks they borrowed but may no longer be using.
● Seniors may return any textbooks they may still have.
● Seniors may report any scholarship awards they have received so that we may collect that data for the class of 2020.
● Seniors may pick up any graduation merchandise that they ordered through Josten’s, including caps & gowns.

All of the above activities will follow appropriate social-distancing protocol for car & foot traffic

How can I make my payment to Josten’s for my graduation merchandise?

All seniors should attempt payment online before May 11.
Payments can be made at, then make sure to enter McKay High School when prompted to do so.
Payment can also be mailed to Josten’s PO Box 2350 Clackamas, OR 97015.

What if I no longer want the merchandise that I ordered from Josten’s? How do I get a refund?

Josten’s typically will only refund students if they end up NOT graduating. If seniors have a specific issue or want to discuss a refund, they need to contact Josten’s directly using the contact information on the website.

How will seniors receive end-of-year honors & recognition?

Since we cannot have a Senior Awards Assembly, we will instead have a “Senior Celebration Week” from May 27-June 3. Videos will be posted on the website and on Scotsman Daily to recognize senior achievements.

Will we have a graduation ceremony on June 3rd, as previously scheduled?

We will NOT be having an in-person graduation ceremony on June 3rd.

We WILL be posting a virtual ceremony on that date, using information/photos received from graduates.

Will we have our 2020 graduation ceremony at a later time?

We have bookmarked the first week in August for a ‘live’ graduation ceremony. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to actually have an in-person ceremony, but we are hoping to be able to do that. If we can conduct an in-person ceremony, it is likely that it will look quite different with far fewer spectators. Stay tuned!

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Oregon Promise Adds Flexibility to Eligibility

OSAC is allowing students who would have otherwise raised their cumulative, unweighted GPA to 2.50 or higher to be considered for Oregon Promise as a result of school district actions relative to local or state emergency orders.

This change is based on Governor Brown extending Executive Order No. 20-09 on April 8, 2020, which prohibits in-person classroom interactions for the remainder of the academic year.

The GPA requirement is still a cumulative, unweighted, 2.50 GPA. However, there will be flexibility provided for students who would have mathematically had the opportunity to raise their GPA to the 2.50 limit if letter grades were assigned for their final high school term.

  • High school registrars will use the GPA verification system and include the students where it would have been mathematically possible to raise their GPA to the 2.50 limit as MET.
  •  If a high school does not participate in GPA verification, the high school will need to include a cover letter when providing students with their final high school transcript to submit to OSAC. The cover letter must indicate that it would have been mathematically possible for the student to raise their GPA to the 2.50 limit if they earned letter grades for their final high school term.
  • For students where it would not have been possible to raise their cumulative, unweighted GPA to the 2.50 limit at the end of their senior year, those students need to continue to be verified as NOT MET.

Please encourage all interested students to apply for Oregon Promise by the appropriate deadline, and submit the 2020-21 FAFSA or ORSAA. More information can be found online at

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